Hi. We are Framestudio.

Framestudio is a small SF Bay Area-based architecture studio. Working primarily in the field of residential design (and the occasional commercial commission). We build European-style energy-efficient homes as well as additions and interior refurbishments.


We have a penchant for Bay Area modernist architecture and have restored and reinvented works by notable architects Joseph Esherick, William Turnbull, Charles Moore, and Henry Hill. 


Framestudio is also a proud thought-leader in the area of aging in place with our latest endeavor, Forever Home. We believe our built environment should be ready to receive us at all stages of our lives and that thoughtful architecture and design can play a vital role in promoting health, happiness and longevity.


As the Bay Area ceramicist Edith Heath once said, "Design is a system of values."  We couldn't agree more.


At Framestudio our values are human values. After all, good design is that which supports us and our well-being. It should be thoughtful, intuitive and long-lasting. That’s why we believe in looking towards the past as much as looking to the future for inspiration, being careful not to forget that simple, common-sense solutions have served us well for years.


We also believe technology should make our lives easier and give us more time to spend doing the things we love. It should be unobtrusive and our homes should appear to be no more complex than the homes of our grandparents. Spending money isn't a contest: we prioritize elements that you interact with tactilely on a daily basis.


Finally, putting humans at the center of our work doesn’t mean forgoing considering the wider ecosystem. We believe in being good stewards of the environment, taking only what we need and incorporating sustainable building technology and construction methods into all our projects.



Chad DeWitt is the creative director of Framestudio. He has more than fifteen years of experience in creating unique spaces for a variety of residential and commercial clients as well as restoring notable modernist houses. Chad’s passionate about architectural history and has given countless hours to investigating obscure mid-century Bay Area architects or obsessing over street numbers for a 1960's era house. When he’s not almost getting crushed between shelving units at the Design Archives at U.C. Berkeley, Chad enjoys spending time at his home at The Sea Ranch with his partner James and dog Balthazar, or traveling abroad in search for new ideas on how to live. His passion-du-jour is developing good design to an aging population.


Chad received his Bachelor's of Architecture from California College of the Arts. 


Andrea Cernusak is Framestudio’s project architect. She coordinates everything from a new house’s drawings to permitting, its construction to finishes. She has an insatiable appetite for knowledge which sees her delve into everything (be it Italian window structures or playing the guitar) with unparalleled enthusiasm and curiosity. Outdoorsy by nature, Andrea spends most of her free time bike riding with her family or taking photos of the built environment. 

Andrea received her Master of Architecture from University of Idaho.  She's a Licensed Architect in the State of California.