Sea Ranch Guesthouse


As part of the restoration of one of the iconic Demonstration Houses on Black Point, Framestudio was asked to design a new guesthouse for the property. The design is meant to compliment the original home, designed by Joseph Esherick and Associates and built in 1966.

The two story guesthouse is to be located at the edge of an existing cypress hedgerow, adjacent to the original outdoor courtyard and garage structure. This location preserves the southwest exposure, allowing the sun to warm the outdoor space during the afternoon -a key feature that drove the original design.

The new structure contains a bedroom and bath, loft sleeping area, enclosed home office, and a multi-purpose space for entertaining family and friends.

Location: The Sea Ranch, California

Size: 655 square feet

Team: Chad DeWitt Andrea Cernusak, RA Olivia Urban

Interior Design: Commune Design

Landscape: Terremoto

Photography: Estate of George Homsey