Peninsula Optical


Peninsula Optical, a neighborhood optician in Palo Alto, sought to breathe new life into their brand by creating a new retail store adjacent to the space it has occupied since 1953. An elevated bar spans the center of the narrow space, creating a relaxed area for customers to be served. 606 Universal Shelving by Vitsoe, a modern icon, was selected for its modular design, making it an adaptable and durable choice ideal for displaying eyewear and storing back stock in the drawer units. The large central skylight bathes the space with natural light, with globe pendant lights that nod to the store's midcentury roots. Natural, honest materials including oak and wool felt soften the rigor of the design, giving the store a warm, contemporary feel.

Location: Palo Alto, California

Size: 1348 square feet

Team: Chad DeWitt Alice Hwang, RA

Builder: Ruzicka Construction

Retail and Marketing Consultant: Derek Keller

Photography: Drew Kelly