Architectural Digest Russia | Vacation exchange: a secluded house in the California forest

By Ekaterina Karpukhina

Photography by Drew Kelly

August 1, 2018

In 1968, architect Joseph Esherik built a small house in the woods to demonstrate a model of low-cost housing for recreation.

Half a century later, the architectural bureau FrameStudio restored it so that everyone could enjoy solitude in the California forest.

This house is not the only one on a 16-kilometer stretch; fifty years ago, an ideal developer bought land in these picturesque places, wanting to create a settlement that is in harmony with nature. Village project Sea Ranch was partially implemented.

However, many of the historic buildings in the settlement fell into decay and few were restored. This house was just lucky: Jesse Ososki Art and FrameStudio Bureau gave him a new life.

The architects tried to keep the original design and materials, introducing only the elements necessary for the comfort of the residents to the new project. In the kitchen, for example, lower cabinets were replaced by a more functional set made of birch plywood and covered with a matte black laminate. Kitchen appliances, including a dishwasher, a stove and a hood, were also placed there.

The open layout of the house was preserved, but in the sleeping area there was a lack of a partition that would ensure privacy. The FrameStudio team designed such an important detail and thereby delimited two sleeping rooms.

In the living room, the architects installed a built-in sofa in which there is an additional storage system and a queen-size pull-out bed, so six people can easily fit in a small house at first glance.

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