Passive House | 01

Our collaboration with Modern House Architects was orchestrated by our long-term clients and friends, Clarum Homes. The project brief was to create a cost-effective modern home to be built in the standards and style of a European Passive House.


Framestudio crafted a stripped-back interior layered with natural, honest materials like oak flooring, formaldehyde-free and locally-crafted walnut cabinetry, a reclaimed teak entry door, and lighting design that employs natural daylight to reduce costs and promote wellness within the home.

Originating in Germany, Passive House is an energy-efficient style of building. The concept can be traced back to the experimental solar homes built during the energy crisis of the 1970's. It combines a mixture of old and common-sense solutions to new building technology.

Passive House homes are built to be airtight, with insulated walls, floors, roofs and windows keeping the house warm during winter. Mechanical ventilation systems exchange the heat generated by appliances, or even shower steam, with fresh air; creating a healthy and comfortable living environment.


Location: Los Altos, California

Completion: 2016

Photography: Blue Sky Media

Architect of Record: Modern House Architects

Interiors: Framestudio

Chad DeWitt - Project Designer

Cristina Baracetti - Designer

Alice Hwang - Project Architect

Builder: Clarum Homes


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