Office | Clarum Homes

Residential developers and longtime partners, Clarum Homes, tasked us with the interiors of their Passive House-style office. The idea was that the interior should be both a functional and practical workplace, while simultaneously having a residential feel. 


The client wanted their kitchen to double as their meeting room. We developed an island where staff and clients could sit around to serve that purpose, with a trestle base inspired by temporary job site tables. The cabinets in front of the windows were made with translucent fronts and backs to allow natural light to filter through the rest of the living space.


Location: Palo Alto, California

Completion: 2016

Photography: Mariko Reed

Architect of Record: EID Architects

Interior Architecture: Framestudio


Interior: Framestudio

Chad DeWitt : Project Designer

Alice Hwang: Project Architect

Builder: Clarum Homes


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