ADU Conversion| 01

Accessory Dwell Units, (ADU), are being touted as part of the solution to the housing crisis. An ADU can be a new structure or conversion of an existing. Garage conversions have a questionable aesthetic reputation, so when the commission for this conversion arrived at Framestudio, we were eager to change their reputation. This conversion contains an open loft-like living space, with exteriors that are inspired by former stables, called Mews in London that have been converted into housing.

With many ADU projects, economy is the primary driving factor in the design. In our scheme, in an effort to keep costs down, we sought to preserve as much of the original building as possible, even down to reusing the original garage doors. down. Rather than trying to hide its former life as a garage, Framestudio sought to celebrate it our design. 

To address the former garage door openings, we designed two “plugs,” assembled from an economical commercial storefront window system and accented with cedar trim. The new windows are slightly offset into the interior space, allowing the original doors to remain functional as privacy or shade shutters.

In the interior, our strategy was to build as little as possible. The closet, laundry, bathroom, and kitchen are all consolidated into an easy to build, economical volume.  The negative spaces around the volume help divide the open space into kitchen, living, sleeping, and bathing areas. 


Location: Stanford, California

Proposal: 2016

Architecture & Interiors: 

Chad DeWitt: Project Designer

Alice Hwang: Project Architect

Rusty Murphy: Designer

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